02 Oct

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At the time of applying for a business loan, either to expand your business, to deal with invoices, renovate the facilities, buy new material or for endless reasons in which you need to provide yourself with a high initial investment, you will pass to the second phase in which you must decide who to go to get such financing.

Before it was difficult to choose which bank was the one that was going to reach out to you and was going to offer you the best conditions, which meant a high investment of time listening to very similar offers and clauses and with something in common: the lack of flexibility.

Nowadays, when a company chooses to request financing to carry out its project, the range of possibilities on whom to turn to is much broader, finding us already different types of financing. Within this range is Crowdlending, with important differences compared to traditional banking.

But if there is something that really differentiates this new form of financing with respect to banks, it is that it is flexible financing.

Contact us if you need an electronic payday loan

Achieving an electronic payday loan at https://acfa-cashflow.com/ is one of the best options that can be hired since financing adapted to the needs will be achieved where the following advantages can be achieved:

  • To be able to repay the loan for free
  • Open to negotiation in the application process to reach an agreement
  • At a fair price
  • No additional products
  • Among other advantages …

Flexible financing on internet loans

Flexible financing on internet loans

There are a number of features that make the decision to apply for a loan through a crowdlending platform like Good Finance, the easiest and most effective way to get flexible financing.

Flexible Crowdlending Financing

  • First of all, the company is not obliged to hire additional products, so the cost of financing will be much lower. In other banking entities, the borrower is obliged to hire cards, insurance, or other additional products that make the requested main product, the financing, more expensive.
  • CIRBE does not consume: flexible financing with Good Finance does not consume CIRBE, which means that said debt does not become “visible” and increases the probability that if the company decides to request bank financing at a specific time, it can be granted.
  • It does not require travel since everything is done online and is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Each operation is studied individually. Good Finance studies each application individually and offers a fair price for each operation, which will be the return that the investor who participates in each loan will receive in large part.
  • Free redemptions are allowed. The loan can be fully and partially repaid completely free of charge.
  • No study commission

The most characteristic of flexible financing is free depreciation

But if there is something we want to highlight, and therefore we expand, it is the possibility of amortization, both partial and total. What do we mean by this?

  • Partial amortization: We put you in a situation, it turns out that the company is profitably profiting the loan obtained by the platform and can afford to repay a portion of the debt in advance, is this going to cost you? the answer is no. In Good Finance we do not charge for amortization and accept the amount returned without any commission.
  • Total Amortization: For example, let’s take a restaurant located in Zaragoza that has requested financing to carry out an expansion of its business and start a new establishment in Barcelona. After a while, the opening of the new store has been a success and that company has obtained a greater benefit than expected so it has recovered the money needed to pay the loan in full.

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